Old English Resources


GCSE English – Macbeth
Key Terms Glossary
Shakespeare and Macbeth Comprehension DEVELOPING

Shakespeare and Macbeth Comprehension INTERMEDIATE
Shakespeare and Macbeth Comprehension TOP SET VERSION
Lesson 1 – Introduction to Shakespeare and Macbeth
Lesson 2 – Characterisation and Foreshadowing
Lesson 3 – Scheming and Plotting
Lesson 4 – Ambition and Regicide
Lesson 5 – Appearances vs Reality
Lesson 6 – Paranoia
Lesson 7 – Guilt and Psychology of the Soul
Lesson 8 – Hubris and Fate
Lesson 9 – Tragic Character Arcs
Lesson 10 – Downfall and Restored Order
Lesson 11 and 12 – ASSESSMENT PREP
Macbeth – Character Descriptions
Macbeth – Entire Play
Macbeth – Example PEEL response
Macbeth – Key Symbols and Quotations
Macbeth SoW – Lesson Plans
Sample Assessment Question
Y11 English Macbeth Resource Pack

AQA GCSE English Poetry
Power and Conflict Poetry Resource Pack
Power and Conflict Poetry – Annotations and Comprehension Questions

English Resource Packs
An Inspector Calls Resource Pack
Catcher In The Rye Resource Pack
Curious Incident Resource Pack
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Resource Pack
KS3-5 Resource – The American Dream
Macbeth Resource Pack
Of Mice and Men Resource Pack
Romeo & Juliet Resource Pack
Ruby in the Smoke Resource Pack

Y7-10: English Exam Publishing
KS3 English Observed Lesson: Homelessness and Empathy (Creative Writing)
Dickens – A Christmas Carol

AS Level Creative Writing
AS Level Creative Writing Resource Pack

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