Old GCSE Media Resources


GCSE Media Booklet Final
5 Key Facts Chart

Knowledge Organisers

Quality Street
This Girl Can
The Man With The Golden Gun
The Guardian
The Sun
The Sun 2021 Version

Bond (industry/audience)
MUSIC (online media)
The Sun (industry/audience) 2021 Version
The Archers
Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO Part 2
Fortnite for 2021


Y10/11 Media – Taylor Swift ‘Bad Blood’ – EXAMPLE ANSWER (DCE Chart)
Y10/11 Media – Duran Duran ‘Rio’ – EXAMPLE ANSWER (DCE Chart)

All-in-one practice test GCSE Mediax
Friends and IT SoW Pack

Eduqas GCSE Media Specification
Eduqas GCSE Media Studies Glossary

Component 1

Component 1 Section A – Quality Street & This Girl Can
Component 1 Section A – The Man With The Golden Gun & Spectre
Component 1 Section A – GQ & Pride
Component 1 Section A – The Guardian & The Sun
Component 1 Section B – The Archers Resource Pack
Component 1 Section B – Bond Industry Booklet
Component 1 Section B –  Pokemon GO Booklet

Component 1 Section A – Example Answer – Autumn 1 Exam
Practice Assessment Sentence Starters
5 Key Facts
Component 1 Research Slides

Component 2

Component 1 Practice Paper
Friends Comprehension Task
Friends Character Analysis – Rachel
Component 2 – Sitcoms – Friends & IT Crowd SoW

friends-it-crowd-sow (1)

Sitcom assessment

Y10 Media Stills
Y10/11 Media – Duran Duran Textual Analysis
Y10/11 Media – Pharrell Williams Textual Analysis
Y10/11 Media – Taylor Swift Textual Analysis
Y10/11 Media – Michael Jackson Textual Analysis
Y10/11 Media – Bruno Mars Textual Analysis
Y10/11 Media – Katy Perry Textual Analysis


Practice Exam

Component 3 NEA

GCSE Component 3 Overview
Y10 Media – NEA Brief 4 – Music Video Production Task
DVD Cover Denotations
DVD Cover Example Annotations
Initial Idea Template Sheet
Mood Board Template
Questionnaire Template
DVD Cover Size Template
Theatrical Poster Template
Cover Sheet Template
Cover Sheet Example Answer
Magazine Website Denotation Template

Eduqas Factsheets

Quality Street 1956 Print Advert
This Girl Can 2016 Advert
The Man With The Golden Gun Film Poster
Spectre Film Poster
GQ Magazine July 2016 Front Cover
Pride Magazine November 2015 Front Cover
The Sun 18 December 2013 Front Page
The Guardian Newspaper
Pokemon GO App
The Archers Radio Show

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