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Y13 Media – Legacy Resource Booklet
Film Studies SoW
Y12 Media SoW 2017-18
Y13 Media SoW
EDUQAS A2 Film Studies
EDUQAS AS Film Studies

Y9 Media
Y9 Media – Magazines (Representation)
Y9 Media – Magazines & Newspapers Worksheet
Y9 Media – Mini-Comprehension Test – Action Genre
Y9 Media – Action Genre Presentation Scaffold
Y9 Media – Example Answer – Devil Wears Prada Textual Analysis
Y9 Media – Example Answer – Denotations and Connotations of a Magazine Cover
Y9 Media – Example Answer – Magazine Cover Analysis

Y10 Media (Old WJEC Spec)
Y10 Media – Example Answers – DVD Cover Examples

Y11 Media (Old WJEC Spec)
Y11 Media – Coursework Example Answer
Y11 Media – TV News
Y11 Media – News Websites
Y11 Media – News Values
Y11 Media – Magazine Production Document template
Y11 Media – Magazine Planning Document template
Y11 Media – Sinister 2 Poster Assessment template
Y11 Media – Photoshop Magazine Skills
Y11 Media – TV News Knowledge organiser
Y11 Media – TV News & News-Websites Revision Booklet

Y13 Media (Old WJEC Spec)
Y13 Media – Exam Revision Pack
Y13 Media Walking Talking Mock

Works in Progress
The Star Copy Style
Y12 English Revision Resource Pack
Additional SoWs
EDUQAS A Level Film Studies – Vertigo
Bertolt Brecht
The History of Animation
Performance Analysis
Constantin Stanislavski
STORY by Robert McKee
Ideology Spectrum
Great Expectations SoW
Great Expectations Essay Examples
Great Expectations Continued
Y7-10 English Exam Publishing
Y11 English Sunday Morning In London Example Answer
Y11 English Marking reflections
The Best of Bukowski
Literary Word Wall
Y12 English A Streetcar Named Desire Resource Pack
Y12 English
KS3 ENGLISH – Empathy – Observed Lesson
Wadjda Booklet
The Sweeney analysis
Representation in crime drama
Luther and The Sweeney contexts
Introduction to British Cinema
Film Studies SoW