A Level Media Studies 2020-21

Component 1 Section A Specification Print & Audiovisual Adverts // Tide, Kiss of the Vampire, WaterAid Newspapers // Daily Mirror Newspapers // The Times Music Video // Beyonce – Formation Music Video // Vance Joy – Riptide Component 1 Section B Film Marketing // Black Panther Film Marketing // I, Daniel Blake Video Games //Continue reading “A Level Media Studies 2020-21”

AS Media Studies 2020-21

Specification Component 1 Section A Print/Audiovisual Adverts // Tide, Kiss of the Vampire, WaterAid Newspapers // Daily Mirror Music Video // Beyonce – Formation Component 1 Section B Film Marketing // Black Panther Video Games // Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation Radio // Late Night Woman’s Hour Component 2 Component 3 – NEA Additional Introduction toContinue reading “AS Media Studies 2020-21”

Old Resources

Information for School UCAS Reference Y13 Media – Legacy Resource Booklet Film Studies SoW Y12 Media SoW 2017-18 Y13 Media SoW EDUQAS A2 Film Studies EDUQAS AS Film Studies Y9 Media Y9 Media – Magazines (Representation) Y9 Media – Magazines & Newspapers Worksheet Y9 Media – Mini-Comprehension Test – Action Genre Y9 Media – ActionContinue reading “Old Resources”

Old English Resources

GCSE English – Macbeth Key Terms Glossary Assessment Shakespeare and Macbeth Comprehension DEVELOPING Shakespeare and Macbeth Comprehension INTERMEDIATE Shakespeare and Macbeth Comprehension TOP SET VERSION Lesson 1 – Introduction to Shakespeare and Macbeth Lesson 2 – Characterisation and Foreshadowing Lesson 3 – Scheming and Plotting Lesson 4 – Ambition and Regicide Lesson 5 – AppearancesContinue reading “Old English Resources”

Old A Level Media Resources

FILLING IN THE MISSING GAPS LAST-MINUTE RESOURCES (created by other Media Practitioners) A Level Media Exam Format HUMANS & THE RETURNED LAST MINUTE RECAP A Level Media Component 2 Texts Y12/13 Media Original resources Y13 Media Revision Booklet Edit Version NEW! – Y13 Media Booklet Created by other practitioners NEW! – Big Issue Booklet NEW!Continue reading “Old A Level Media Resources”

Old A Level Film Resources

NEW! Pulp Fiction Resource Pack NEW! Inception Resource Pack Development NEW! Stories We Tell Resource Pack Development NEW! Short Films Resource Pack Development NEW! Component 3 Exemplar Development NEW! City of God Resource Pack Development NEW! Practice Exam Scaffolds – Multiple Films Scriptwriting OTHER RESOURCES Silent Cinema Booklet Stories We Tell Booklet Vertigo & OneContinue reading “Old A Level Film Resources”

Old GCSE Media Resources

GCSE Media Booklet Final KNOWLEDGE ORGANISER COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS COMPONENT 1 ANSWERS COMPONENT 2 5 Key Facts Chart Knowledge Organisers Quality Street This Girl Can The Man With The Golden Gun Spectre GQ Pride The Guardian The Sun The Sun 2021 Version Bond (industry/audience) MUSIC (online media) The Sun (industry/audience) 2021 Version The Archers Pokemon GOContinue reading “Old GCSE Media Resources”


To whom it may concern, Feel free to access resources and revision packs to consolidate your learning throughout the year that will aid your exam preparation. Many thanks, Mr Cole-Savidge 2018-2019 ICEBREAKER Year Plan 2019-2020 GCSE Media Studies – Curriculum Map Y12-13 Film Studies – Curriculum Map Y12-13 Media Studies – Curriculum Map A DayContinue reading “Introduction”